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Digital recording with the Helix Board
Posted by Rick Shao on 16 November 2015 06:43 AM

As technology continues to develop, things that previously cost a fortune continually become much more affordable and readily available for purchase. This extends to the audio world. Previously, if amateur musicians or garage bands wanted to record their own demo records they pretty much had to record tracks live through analog recorders, without the possibility of editing mistakes or adding effects in after recording was completed.

Analog mixers with FireWire interfaces are becoming more and more commonplace, and rapidly becoming cheap solutions for digital recording. Products like the new Phonic Helix Board FireWire allow users to independently stream up to 16 audio channels to a PC for recording and editing, at a near-zero latency and at CD-quality bit-rates. With each channel separately recorded on their computer, users are able to edit the wave form of their audio through any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software, or completely delete a track and replay it over the remaining audio.

Say a struggling band wants to record their own demo for releasing to record companies, or even cut their own independent CD. Rather than forking out a fortune for renting a studio or creating a cheap tape through an analog, a small investment into a FireWire mixer and a Computer with suitable FireWire capabilities could do wonders for them. This way, band members can not only record their own portions at their own leisure, but can also slice their tracks together through the DAW software and burn the CD themselves; with a far better quality they could have previously ever hope to achieve.

Set up is really simple. The FireWire connection of the mixer gets attached to the FireWire input of the PC, and some drivers are installed. Depending on your DAW software, you may simply have to select your device from the input devices, and you will be good to go. Plug your microphones, guitars, basses, keyboards, and so forth into the mixer and watch your audio flow to the computer in real-time.

In such a revolutionary era of technology, the music industry has taken a back-seat in an artist-driven market, where performers are able to record and release their own material at their own pace, without any industry-imposed restrictions. Phonic Helix Board FireWire mixer further increases the artists power to record and master their own music the way they want to.

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