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PAA2 Run-time error 8002: Invalid port number
Posted by Rick Shao on 13 November 2015 02:53 AM

There are a couple of ways to fix this problem. Our first Solution is to alter the COM port that the USB to Serial Adapter is designated, by right clicking the device name, and clicking Properties. Then click on the "Port Settings" tab, followed by the "Advanced" button – which will give you a new window that will allow you to designate your USB to Serial Adapter to COM1, making the PAA2 easily recognizable to the software. If, however, COM1 is in use, you should just keep the default setting and follow the next solution. If you can designate the adapter to COM1, you should be done and will not need to follow the next solution.

Second Solution: Open a new Notepad document and simply write the number of your USB to Serial Adapter's COM port, minus one (i.e. if your USB to Serial Adapter using COM3, then simply type "2″; if it uses COM4, simply type "3″ – and so on). After doing typing that single number, save the file as PAA2.inf and place it into the c:/Program Files/PAA2 folder (or the PAA2 software installation folder). After doing so, open the PAA2 software. Click on the options menu, and select "Port." Select the port number and click TEST. Provided the PAA2 is connected to the USB to Serial Adapter correctly, this should go by without a problem. Then you can select the FILE menu and click "On Line" – allowing you to use the PAA2 software successfully. (Please note: you may have to do to Port test each time you open the PAA2 software).

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